Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Advent Thought, #10, December 9

Some say that prophecies about Jesus' coming go back to Genesis 3:15, that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent.  This is a very earthy prophecy, when you think about it.  The woman will be the parent, the symbolic serpent will be disabled, but not destroyed.  Interesting that God does not destroy angels and people.

The other night I heard a wonderful program of music at my church (kudos to Brainerd Baptist Orchestra and Choir and Bryan Skinner and Michael Hill) and I got to thinking about how we talk about the night at Christmas.  Although there is no reason to think Mary gave birth at night (or that she didn't have a midwife, give me a break!) Luke 2 does say that the shepherds were watching over their flocks by night when the angels appear.  We take poetic license and go from there, with beautiful songs. 

Did the birth and lives of other religious figures produce so much wondrous music?

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