Saturday, December 13, 2014

Advent Thought #14, December 13

I have been thinking about the stress we (pretend to) go through at Christmas, and wondering about its origins and uses.  It's consumer-driven, and many of our "traditions" were created by department stores going back 150 years.  I am just now decorating my tree today, so I clearly don't let the holidays stress me!  I just don't do anything until grades are in, every year.

I was also thinking about the difference between Advent and Lent.  Advent is about someone coming, Lent about someone leaving.  Advent is about celebration, Lent about sorrow and repentance.  Advent is about traditions, Lent about doctrine. And ironically, we face Advent with all kinds of manufactured stress, and Lent we put in the back of our minds, too much.

At Advent we take on the faked stress; at Lent Jesus took our real stress.

Sure, I have some things to do today, but I am more stressed about my dissertation and upcoming schedule.  I don't need to be stressed right now.  I don't think anyone does. 

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