Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent Thought #16, December 15

A young wife (very young in terms of marriage and age) posted one of those links on Facebook to a Christian article; those things are all over Facebook, at least my pages.  "Eighteen ways to know your boyfriend is one of David's mighty men."  If I could get rid of all of that stuff and all the ads and dumb videos I might enjoy knowing what my real friends are doing.  Too much clutter, like my house.

Anyway, this one was about whether you should teach your children about Santa Claus.

When did Christians become such killjoys?  Having Santa Claus in a child's life is not like smoking weed in front of them or exposing them to porn.  My word!  Santa Claus is a wonderful tradition--if done rightly.

He was a real saint, adopted by the northern Europeans as the spirit of giving.  Our ridiculous parodies of him should be corrected and redeemed.  I saw a guy dressed in the typical suit on a motorcyle the other day. I think they were a group of bikers doing a fundraiser.  It's all for fun.  Don't be afraid your child will reject the faith if you play Santa with them.  They'll figure it out.  They are not that stupid. 

Yes, my husband and I didn't make a big deal about Santa, but Paul got his picture taken with him, at least twice.  If you take your child to DisneyWorld (now,there is something I would argue over!) and let her get her picture taken with Anna or Elsa , then being afraid of Santa is the least of your worries. 

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