Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Advent Thought #24, December 24

I may have two advent thoughts for today, or an early one for December 25.  I am watching King of Kings, and one of the pieces of dialogue that is not really in the Bible but meant to give "Jesus" motivation to say something, was for an older couple to say, "We believe in you but we have nothing to give you."

It occurred to me, and I know this isn't original, that Jesus took worship freely but there really isn't a record of people giving him money.  Would not some of those people have done that?  Since money would have been as important then as now, it seems that there would be some mention in the New Testament of Jesus taking money from someone. 

Of course, this leads us to question how did they live anyway, but it was a simple life.  The culture was hospitable, so disciples or family would have given them shelter and food, and to be honest, I don't know that the apostles really stopped working totally. They walked--no cars, no car insurance, no gas.  There were no books, no Internet,  So the typical things we think are needed for everyday life simple were not an issue.  Their biggest expense was probably Roman taxes--which we do have a record of a miraculous fish, etc.

I think this is a sort of apologetic for Christ, and a definite contrast with modern day "us."

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