Friday, December 05, 2014

Advent Thought #7, December 5

Happy day!

This thought is hardly original--I doubt very few are.  However, on the way to work I was pondering that Jesus called the working joes to discipleship.  He was himself of the working class, not the lettered class, bureaucratic, or priestly.  He was visited by shepherds, the "dirty job" people of that time (thanks, Mike Rowe, for drawing our attention to these most needful folks).

Yet we like to act as if those people don't exist.  Everyone needs a college education, we are told.  Why?  Do we plan to let the immigrants do all the working class jobs?  Is there no value in real work?  I do not say this as an academic feeling sorry for people--these are my people, those who get their hands dirty, who build and clean and maintain and fix.

Jesus did not turn from these people, but said, "You are worthy of learning discipleship; you are not stupid, you are the kind of people the kingdom is built on."    

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