Thursday, December 25, 2014

Into the Woods

Just got back from the now-so-common Christmas experience of going to a movie.  I was not familiar with the musical upon which this movie is based, so I was pretty fresh as an audience.

I liked it.  It was clever.   None of the songs really stick with me.  The performances were excellent, and direction good.  The second part is very different in tone, but that is the point.  I think the point was, "Life has no happy endings and no real moral compass, you just have to figure it out as you go but there are other folks in it with you."

When you compare that to "When you love another person you see the face of God," you kind of get my summation.  It just didn't have any emotional or psychological power for me, not like Les Mis, for sure.  Not that I was expecting Les Mis, but I got the feeling that I was supposed to get all invested with these characters and I didn't.  Maybe because it's, like--fairy tales! 

"Agony" is funny, too. 

I learned a long time ago not to recommend movies too often.  People spend real money to go to movies, and I don't want to spend other people's money.  So, if you like Once Upon a Time, have to see everything Meryl Streep does, or just really need to see a musical, go see it.  Otherwise, not so much.

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