Thursday, January 29, 2015

Branding Oneself

The local Moody station has been playing an ad for a book about needing to "brand" oneself in this marketplace.  I find it odd that a conservative Christian station would make a big deal of that subject, but I have been mystified by the concept anyway.   I have been concerned by "branding" oneself; I even heard of a first-year-experience program that based on getting the students to "brand" themselves. 

In fact, that's pretty repugnant when you think about it--telling 18-year-olds that they should be defining themselves in terms of the marketplace. 

So, I thought, maybe I misunderstand the concept, so I did some research.  Here is a pretty good website on the subject. 

As a writer, I have done a pretty horrible job of branding myself as a writer.  I just (foolishly) thought when I got started that one just wrote and people just read them, liked, and kept reading more books.  I see now I have no brand at all, no platform, and no persona. 

I am taking a MOOC (a concept I really like) on "Inventing the Future" of Higher Education.  It is designed on scenario-based planning.   One of the scenarios is all market-driven.  If such a scenario is true, even college faculty, supposedly, will have to be branding themselves.  So maybe it's not too soon to talk about it.

My brand would be "answers."  How about "Answers to Questions You Didn't Know You Had"?  "Answers to Questions Before You Ask Them"?  

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