Thursday, February 26, 2015

Downton Abbey Redux

I had promised myself I would not watch this show this season.  I fell from my commitment.  I started on the third show and picked up the second one on the re-do before each new episode.

Someone on the message board explained why this is a "posh soap opera." (love that British word).  The characters do not change.  They go through bad stuff and stay as stupid as they were.  Maybe a little bit of growth, but not much.  Only the servants maybe, but the wealthy don't get it. 

I realize some of the point is to show the constraints of social convention, so Edith can't reveal to the world she had a lovechild with Michael Gregson, now apparently killed by proto-Nazis.  I know Mary is the last bastion of the old way and her arrogance at social convention is a symptom of her superiority, but does she have to be such as b----?  And stop with the Bates thing.  Someone on the message board said that their future life involves leaving Downton Abbey, moving to American, opening a hotel and having a son named Norman.  How funny. Some of the story lines have been idiotic.

But I still will watch, because it is addicting and even if I have absolutely no emotional investments in the characters (maybe Mrs. Hughes), the clothes are great.

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