Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Update for March 10, 2015

If anyone comes to this blog on a semi-regular basis, I just want to post what's going on.  I am in the midst of many stressful things right now, most notably defending my dissertation this month and feeling totally unprepared to do so.  Ideas are not coming like they used to,  and when they do I am either exhausted or reticent about posting them. I am also in a different (administrative) job which makes me aware of discretion in terms of what I would post, so I self-censor.  The stress has given me some of what I call "immobile days" when forward movement is hard and a pure act of will.  Yet I am pretty productive, just valuing what little time to myself I have.

I have been thinking about the evolution question.  Media types love to talk about how stupid Americans are not to believe evolution.  There are many facets to this issue, but one I am sure of:  those who reject it understand its ramifications.  Where does meaning come from if we are biological accidents?  Can anyone ask that question?  Does it not boil down simply to personal survival, and then why would art, humanity, community, and beauty matter?  In short, I think people have figured out that the two alternatives are being created by a loving God (in some fashion we don't entirely get) and therefore having a point to our lives, or being just so much of a carbon-based life form.  I'll take the former, thank you.


fourkid said...

I am one of the semi-regular :D Did you mean you are one of the former not the latter? The biggest problem with evolution is that it is based on death. Before sin there was no death. So that eliminates even "theistic" evolution. Sometimes the simplest reason is enough.

Barbara G. Tucker said...

Yes, that is another very startling aspect of evolution that people either don't realize who like theistic evolution.

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