Wednesday, April 08, 2015

New Cartoon Idea

Due to a misunderstanding between a student and the BCM campus minister today, I came up with a new cartoon idea.

"Hipster Hamster:  Private I."

Just visualize.  He could wear big glasses that he doesn't need.  He could have gages in his ears, standing up rather than hanging down.  He could wear skinny jeans, although that would be hard on a hamster because they have such short legs.

He wouldn't be a detective.  He would just be really narcissistic and aloof.


Speaking of narcissism, two other professors and I were talking about how our students expect to have their "needs" met immediately, whether it is advising, a paper graded, or waited on.  Is this impatience or total self-centeredness?  On the other hand, it's not an age thing.  I know middle-aged people not much better. 

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