Friday, May 29, 2015

Coming Soon!

I have decided that the 87,000-word novel I have had sitting on my computer for three years while I did doctoral work and that has been vetted through several people who know literature and writing well--needs to go public.  Within the next couple of weeks, it will be available.  I will send a free PDF to anyone willing to read it and write me a review on Amazon immediately after it goes live on CreateSpace and Kindle Direct.  I don't want to start publicizing on social media until it gets several reviews.

I am not entirely happy about the self-publishing gambit, but I am too old to go through years of rejection and I want it out there.  It's very good and different from anything I've written--no religion (other than people go to church on Easter), no politics, no issues, no violent crime.  Well, maybe. 

I did contact a publisher this week, two actually, and found out they want lots of money to publish it.  CreateSpace will do it for free, more or less.  Since I would end up doing 95% of the marketing, what's the point of that?  I've got a track record and don't need their help.  I can edit better than they.

This is my pep talk to myself!  So, anyone interested?  Send to  

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