Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hitler was a Christian, and other stupid arguments

Nothing irks me more than people spreading ideas without substantiating them.

Why would anyone think Hitler was a Christian, because he was probably baptized as a Catholic as a baby?  His belief system was occultism.  This is as specious as the argument, Hitler was a vegetarian; therefore, all vegetarians are Nazis.  (he was a vegetarian and animal rights advocate).

Additionally, the "Christians don't help the poor" meme is way out of line.   What in the world does that even mean?  This article explains the stupidity of it:  Truth about Christians and poverty

Now, that being said, do we do enough?  Probably not; even if we give enough money, it may not be effective, which means every concerned giver has also as much responsibility to understand how the money is stewarded after it leaves our pocketbook.

But I was reading this morning in Daniel 4.  After Daniel tells Nebuchadnezzar what is going to happen to him (mental illness, or fruition of what probably was mental illness, because Neb could be pretty up and down in his moods!), he urges Neb to repent and "show mercy to the poor."  Not build a temple to God, not study, not get rid of all but one wife, but "show mercy to the poor."  That is enlightening.

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