Friday, June 12, 2015

Blogging Reconsidered

I found this "blog post" on blogging interesting.

While I am guilty of "blogging my opinion" I don't do it everyday, don't think I have something to say on everything, and don't think my opinions are priceless.  I try to share ideas and links that would build up rather than tear down, since I have a naturally curmudgeonly spirit about most things, especially the media.  I want to share faith and Christian knowledge, whatever that is.

But I know that the best kind of writing is writing that takes a while (like novels, and I've written five so I know the time it takes), a dissertation (two years), scholarly writing, and textbooks.  My next event, after putting an ebook novel into CreateSpace form, is to finish a relatively short study on leadership in Daniel, especially leadership by believers in secular spaces. I am also reading several books that are long and complicated (Great Expectations, for one).

The bigger question is what the 140-character world of discourse is doing to our brains.  Those of us who remember the world before tweets and blogs can remember the joy of long books.  Will the next generation never have that, or will they wise up and realize that neat, sweet, short tweets, status updates, and blogs have so little to do with life that is messy and complicated.

So my blogging is often offshoots of those longer projects. I doubt I will give up blogging because it helps me process and I do think it serves a purpose.  If nothing else, thousands of people have logged into one of my posts and I think are using it in papers!

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