Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Checking In: Politicization

I wrote recently about "the end of blogging" or blogging reconsidered, and I don't really want to be mouthing off here unnecessarily.  Like millions of others, I am heart sick about our siblings in Christ who were gunned down during prayer meeting; I am encouraged by the grace their families have shown.  I don't want to seem flippant or heretical and say God is glorified in their murders.  He was not glorified in their murders--He was and is glorified in the response to the murders and despite their murders.

Thankfully the villain was found quickly (leading a wag to ask why they couldn't catch the escaped prisoners in New York after all this time).  I think he wanted to be found.  He wasn't trying to hide, although he did get out of the state fast. 

Now, I would love for that redneck flag to go away, permanently.  I waver between despising it and rolling my eyes at it.  There are enough of them in this county, two not far from my house, and I won't patronize a place that has one.  (such as a local barbeque joint).  People who scream heritage don't really know the history of that flag, so it's all a fiction, anyway.  On the other hand, the meme "heritage or hate" is radically oversimplified.  How about just seeing that flag as a misconception about history that needs to put in the back closet of our collective memories.

On the other hand, I don't see the point of taking down statues or renaming buildings.  But that is up to individual states or institutions.  I did hear on the news that one of them had been vandalized.  Yeah, like people who are serious about racism vandalize.  That's like saying the looters in Ferguson were worried about justice.

What really concerns me is that this tragedy is being used to gin up controversy over all kinds of issues, to make points based on their deaths.  Those nine Emmanuel AME Church members deserve far, far better. 

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