Friday, June 05, 2015

Day 3 of Braces at 59 years old

Back in February I made the decision to get Six-month smile braces, and they finally were "installed" Wednesday.  I have been miserable since.  Part of the reason is that they broke and I had to go back to the dentist to have them reapplied. 

If it's not the pain, it's the awareness of the metal and plastic up against my inner lips, it's the stickiness in my mouth, it's the time it takes to brush my teeth, it's the effort to talk, it's the fatigue from the pain and analgesic, and it's the hunger from not being able to eat.  It is a little better today than yesterday and I actually at some pasta today, but it wasn't without quite a bit of soreness.  Since I need to lose weight, that will be a blessing, but I fear exhaustion after a day of work.

I didn't realize how crooked my teeth were, either.  In December, before my 60th birthday, maybe I'll be happy with straight ones, which will be odd.

My husband said I'd probably get used to them, not because the pain went away, but because I didn't notice it as much.  And that causes me to wonder how much that is true of other things.   Perhaps the joy of heaven is that we will see how good life can be without any of the pain we have become unaware of, become numbed to. 

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