Thursday, July 02, 2015


1.  I often get spikes at a specific time on my "hits."  I think they are related to my essay on the movie Twelve Angry Men.  If someone is using this in a class or something, I really wish they would tell me.  I can put it in my portfolio for promotion to full professor at my institution.

2.  How much time do I waste on Facebook?   Recently it has been nothing but rainbows, Christians decrying the end of the country and civilization, and posts about Confederate flags.  My viewpoints on these matters have been made clear before. But I was really angered last night by a so-called friend who posted a pseudo-scientific article about conservatives being less intelligent than liberals.  I almost defriended her on the spot.  What's next--sterilization for tea party members?  (ok, I'm being ridiculous and snarky, but progressives were the ones who had the sterilization campaigns in the 1920s against blacks and the poor.)  I think both groups are subject to mob mentality and don't think for themselves.  Anyone who takes a political "side" wholeheartedly without looking at particulars is not thinking.  But Facebook is not the place for political debate.  It always devolves into name-calling.

3.  Don't trust the media!  He who controls the media outlets controls our minds!  They tell us what to think by not focusing on what matters, only on their agenda!  My screed for the day.

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