Monday, August 03, 2015

Apologetics 0098

The number above represents remedial or learning support courses in the state higher education system where I live.  So it’s not 101, but something before that.

I was listening to Janet Parshall’s radio programming coming home, and she was playing person-on-the-street interviews in response to the question (I think) “Is Jesus the only way of salvation?”  Of course, the answers were all over the place, from yes chapter and verse to yes that’s how I was raised to I don’t know or I don’t think about those things to no there are many ways to God or salvation. 

Of course, the idea that there are many conflicting ways that are all truthful is pretty illogical, and the fact that people don’t care about the question shows nothing but a lack of commitment.  Because if you didn’t believe in the Jesus behind the question, you would advocate for the opposite.

What get me the most are the ones that equate Jesus, Mohammed, Confucius, and Buddha.  That’s just ignorance of history.  If you are going to reject someone or something that is asking for your life’s commitment, at least know what you are rejecting.  Mohammed, Confucius, Buddha, and Jesus have very little in common other than that their names are associated with world religions.  What they taught and claimed about themselves and life and the afterlife were all different. 

The question assumes everyone is in Apologetics 101 or 102 class and understands the vocabulary and basic history.  The word “salvation” implies something to be saved from, so what?  “Way” implies a system, path, method, process.   "Jesus" implies knowing historical and theological facts about him.  So in some ways, for many people, the question is meaningless, like asking “Can you get chocolate from trees?”  Well, yes, in a way you can, but you would have to know a lot and have access to the right kind of trees to get it, and it wouldn’t be the same thing as a Ghirardelli chocolate bar. 

This is why drive-by evangelism just doesn’t work much any more (still does with some), because we can’t assume any level of understanding.  It would take a foundational study to start with—what is sin?  why are we here?  Why would God love humans in the first place?  This is hard, and it must be only because  you care about the person as well as the truth.   So I have to ask myself, do I?

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