Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday Nights

Last evening at about 6:00 I took my dog for her normal walk at a local high school, since I knew there would be a football game.  6:00 was too late, really, but it allowed me to experience the phenomenon of high school football.

I spoke with a police officer as I was leaving, one who admired my pitbull, and he said they were expecting 7,000 people, about 1/8 of the population of the county.  The game was between the high school my son attended and the new kid on the block (in the county), and my son's school has won seven times, and that included last night.

What mattered to me, though, was the party fervor of it all.  Tailgating and collapsible tents, soft drinks and tea set out, adults visiting.  Trucks and SUVs galore.  A drum corps my dog and I had to walk through, her not very happy about it and doing everything she could to bolt away to a quieter place.  I am still just a tad stronger than she and kept her under control, but I learned my lesson.  Cheerleader, color guard, marching band, far outnumbering the players.  The slowly cooling air as the sun was starting to set; the weather has been dry rather than humid this week, allowing for more comfort.  Teenage boys yelling at each other car to car.  A very long line trying to find a parking space ($3.00 a piece) while I am, thankfully, leaving.  People parking at the Middle School across the street and walking to avoid the fee, and because the spaces are used up.

I wrote about this in one of my novels (Cross Road) from the perspective of a non-American; it was time for me to see it again.  Years ago I went with my son to some of his games, but it had been a while.  Everyone needs to go to a high school game, or the preceding parts, every once in a while.   

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