Sunday, August 23, 2015

Need for a hiatus, I fear

Instead of berating myself for not added to this blog every few days, I am going to give myself a break and encourage any interested readers to go back through the archives to find some of the (if I do say so myself) interesting things I have posted over the eight years I have been writing this blog, and to also check out my other blog,, which I wish I had named something else in retrospect. 

I am trying to write a speech textbook for which we received a large grant, I am writing a play, and this top of a full-time administrative job and teaching three classes because our department is understaffed and the college's enrollment (thankfully) has risen.  And then there is life--homemaking, yardwork, church, worship, ministry, billpaying, dogs, husband, sleep, exercise.  Not, of course, in that order.  The total randomness of that list exemplifies my organizational struggles right now. So blogging has to put aside. 

Additionally, I have chosen to sponsor a little girl in Rwanda through Compassion International, and once I get my password issue straightened out, I want to pay attention to that. 

So, thank you for coming to this blog, and again I recommend you read back through the 1300 or more posts on everything from art to film noir to travel to dogs to education to mental illness to Kallman's syndrome to fiction writing to gardening. 

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