Friday, August 07, 2015

Third thoughts on Harper Lee

I managed to borrow a copy of THE BOOK.  Mixed feelings so far.  About half way through.  The best written part so far is a reminiscence of her childhood with Dill and Jem!  It is hard to believe that she would never have known about Atticus' feelings about race.  I'll keep reading.

Addendum:  Read a little more. Scene at the Coffee good.  However, I am ambivalent about how Jean Louise could be so clueless about the racism all around her growing up, especially having gone to New York.  Calpurnia scene a little hard to figure also. 

It's hard not to read this and see pieces of The Help and my own book, although we couldn't be accused of being derivative since this book just got published.  Maybe these are such universal feelings that they are going to show up in different books. 

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