Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I am a Christian But -

A Video by this name has gone viral, as has reaction to it. Since I am moving off Facebook, I'll not bother to post there about it.  That's what I have a blog for.

I am reminded of all the sermons I have heard that said, "You can't say 'No, Lord"" in the same breath.  Putting a qualifier or contrast on "I am a Christian" negates the first part.

The point of the video is to distance oneself from those whom the speakers feel are objectionable in some way.  One woman says, Christianity is all about love and acceptance, except, apparently, of people you disagree with.

The speakers are arrogant, have an agenda, misrepresent the faith, don't even mention following Christ.  They pretend to want to be about what Christianity positively promotes, but they do  not even say that.

It amazes me how people so worried about sexual freedom issues in Christianity don't seem concerned about what is going on with Christians in the rest of world, only their own ability to live "freely" in their own little first world.

Give Me a Break. 

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