Monday, September 07, 2015

Nala the Pit Bull

For well over four years now we have had a pit bull in our home.  I have become acquainted with the breed through her and through neighbors who have had them--in fact, the last two neighbors in the house next door had pit bulls, in a county where they are, to say the least, discouraged.  She may be a mix but most people tag her as a pit bull immediately.  Most people say she is beautiful (which I have no doubt) and occasionally some act afraid.

She is loyal.  As soon as I get home in the evening she is by my side.  The other little dog is that way, too.  They may miss me or just be tired of my husband.  She is always hungry.  She has, as my son says, "an opinion about everything."  She is bossy, pushing my posterior out of the car when we go to walk, demanding treats, expecting to get on the bed, pulling me back to the car when we have only finished half the walk.  We have discovered a creek near where we walk and she plops in it.  She is the smartest dog my husband ever had, he claims.  One time I asked her what she wanted and she brought me her water bowl in another room.  She seems to have several words.  She wants to climb in my lap, at fifty pounds plus.  She must be walked every evening or we pay the price in rambunctiousness.  She is not fearless.  She tolerates the other little dog.

In other words, she runs our lives.

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