Sunday, October 04, 2015

Maybe Someone Will Pay Attention Now

Someone posted on Facebook a meme that said, "The bravest person in America is the second person shot in Roseburg, Oregon, for saying he/she was a Christian."

I don't know if that is supposed to be funny.  I think the first person was just as brave.  The enormity of this tragedy is unfathomable.  We used to talk about these things happening in Soviet Russia during the Cold War.  Now they happen in our country.

We jump to the "too many guns" argument (of course there are too many guns, but we have a right to them, and Americans do everything excessively) and the "mental illness" argument.  We assume the shooter/killer was mentally ill.  Maybe he subscribed to a world view that made himself the center of the universe, the god whom he denied.  Maybe he planned this to accomplish a goal that seemed perfectly sane given his world view.  What makes a person mentally ill if he/she follows the logical dictates of his/her world view, his/her erroneous belief system?

This is the second shooting in a few months that targeted Christians.  Maybe the media will get it now. 

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