Saturday, December 12, 2015

Advent 2015 December 13

Twenty-seven years ago I gave birth to my son.  I like to remind him of how long I was in labor.  He rolls his eyes.  He came over today and helped us install a new microwave (my birthday present, not very exciting but the old one worked at one level and had no light).  He plans to spend his birthday eating brunch with friends at Waffle House, channeling his inner redneck (he comes by it honestly) and watching a Star Wars marathon.  He is taking the 18th off to watch the movie twice.  He is very mature about most things, very responsible, but not quite grown up about that kind of thing.

Anyway, my Advent Post today is to draw your attention to something I did not know existed, but should have known better. Here
is a recording of C.S. Lewis from his radio program during WWII talking about prayer.  He does not sound like Anthony Hopkins (whose voice is probably too Scottish).  I enjoyed listening to it, so you should, too.

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