Sunday, December 13, 2015

Advent 2015 December 14

Sunday I taught the last five verses of Matthew, but not as it is usually taught.  I taught it as being about doubt, about authority, and about Advent.

It's not one that is presented as an Advent passage, but it is.  Read them and contemplate how it is about the first chapter of the book of Matthew.  Consider the first chapter and those last five verses as bookends holding together the whole gospel.

One hint, and more will follow.  The meaning of Immanuel and the promise in the last independent clause of the last verse.

Otherwise Advent note:  I cleaned a good bit yesterday and realized that my goal of a yard sale is not worth my time and effort, so the Salvation Army will be getting my merchandise.  But I found some interesting things:  an earring and a ring I really missed.  Lots of books I forgot I had, and a stash of my son's Star Wars toys.  He came over tonight and I told him they were down there--he bolted downstairs and came up, then was posting photos of them on Instagram!  I guess I made his day.

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