Monday, December 28, 2015


For those who might happen on this blog or who come a bit more regularly, I will confess to this being a web blog in the truest sense.  Although I have an agenda and boundaries about what I post (getting away from politics except when something or someone seems particularly egregious), the overall goal is to keep a record of my writing and thoughts and let you enter in, if you so desire.  I admit this may seem idiosyncratic and even egotistic, but you will notice I don't post reviews of my books or photos of myself,   only things that I think others will benefit from educationally or spiritually.  If you don't benefit from a particular post, then I apologize, but keep going back--you will probably find a lot here, since there are over 1450 posts.  If you are offended by something I write, well, I don't apologize, because today it's impossible not to offend someone just by one's simple existence.  I offend somebody just because I blog, or because I am a woman with opinions, or because I live in Georgia.  Just keep in mind I write and speak for myself and no other entity.  There is a professor in Florida who writes pretty mean stuff about the shootings at Sandy Hook and cries "academic freedom."  I don't think that person understands academic freedom.  You won't find anything like that here--just occasional digs at President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump and questions about craziness that goes on! 

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