Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Advent 2015 December 24

Last of my posts, for Advent is tomorrow.  I do minimal Christmas preparations, compared to some women.  One tree.  Reasonable amount of baking because the three of us don’t need all these sweets.  Small number of gifts because we need nothing, really.  I am trying to simplify and lighten the load of belongings rather than make them greater. 

But I do have my traditions.  Ham and potato salad and such for lunch.  Attending the church’s Christmas Eve candle light service.  Traditions should pull something from us but not be onerous.  That one is heartwarming and reassuring.

Perhaps one day we will have grandchildren to spoil at Christmas.  For now we are thankful for the miracles around us.    

Merry Christmas to all.  This will end my posts for a while, but I will be working on a series about C.S. Lewis (based on the online course I am taking from Hillsdale College) and other aspects of spirituality.

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