Sunday, December 20, 2015

Top Ten Thoughts About Star Wars

I just came back from seeing The Force Awakens.  My thoughts.

1.  It was fun.
2.  As a sixty-year-old woman, it was more interesting to see Harrison Ford than Carrie Fisher.  No one applauded when she showed up, but they did when Han and Chewie did. 
3.  Chewie hasn't aged.
4.  The droid is clever.
5.  The more minimalist approach to CGI was visually appealing to me.
6.  J.J. had to put one of his LOST actors in there, Ken Leung, which seems too obvious.
7.  Why were there the same races back then?  That is of course one of the many plot holes.  Who the heck is Snoke supposed to be?  (Just another version of the emperor?)
8.  I was impressed with Daisy Ridley. Very appealing.
9.  Women were given a more prominent role as  warriors and leaders in this one.
10.  I liked the whole story of Finn.  I am wondering if Huckleberry Finn finding his humanity is the reference here.  The actor does a good job. 
Why stop at 10?
11.  I waited until the end of the credits to see where it was filmed.  (Haha, no outtakes bloopers).  Iceland, Ireland, and Abu Dabi. 
12.  A certain character who is supposed to be the offspring of other certain characters sure doesn't look like his/her parents.   That character sure has anger management issues, too. 
So an even dozen. 
No spoilers, but I was surprised by some plot points.  Some of them were awfully similar to the first one, though.  


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