Sunday, January 24, 2016

No, thank you, Planned Parenthood

For some unknown reason, I received a solicitation in the mail this week from Planned Parenthood.

At one level this is rather funny, considering that I give money to Right to Life groups, have volunteered in a crisis pregnancy center, and even wrote a novel on the issue.  I am thinking about sending them a very formal letter thanking them for the letter since it means (a) I can see first hand what kind of rhetoric they use, and (b) letters to me that get thrown in the recycle bin and shredded means that they are wasting money.

My first comment is that, since they get so much money from the federal government, why are they trying to get me to give them money? 

My second comment is, why me?  Where did they get my name?  I imagine another organization that I belong to may have given them my information (I have suspicions, especially since I do work in higher education and am supposed to be liberal).

My third comment is, get a load of this dramatic, over-the-top appeal:

"We have been through a year like no other--facing terrible laws that put women's lives at risk, fake videos, unfounded health center investigations, major defunding campaigns in Congress and multiple states, and more.

"And all of this was driven by rhetoric so hateful and extreem that it has incited real physical violence.  One Planned Parenthood health center was burned to the ground and another was heavily damaged by a man wielding a hatchet.  Then, tragically, there were horrific events that unfolded in Colorado Springs over Thanksgiving weekend.  Our opponents have stooped to unimaginable lows.

"But we're still standing and our doors are still open.  We will not be stopped. . . . "

Good for you, folks.  The details of those "attacks" are sketchy, aren't they?  "Unimaginable lows" apparently means exposing them. 

PP has had free reign for years and has benefited from millions in federal dollars that people like me have had to pay, despite the Hyde Amendment.  Sorry, no tears here for you. 

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