Saturday, January 30, 2016

Only on Facebook

can you see, in juxtaposition, within 30 seconds
  • Videos of how to make a chicken casserole with 3 ingredients
  • reminders that Jesus loves you
  • Memes of the Most Interesting Man in the World
  • Political arguments (and I don't mean that in the sense of reasoned political discourse, but snipes at various candidates and their afficionados.  Translate this to mean ad hominem arguments.)
  • Lots of selfies and updated photos, making me wonder how often the people I know take photos of themselves
  • Photos of children and grandchildren (which I thought was the point of FB)
  • Lots and lots of Jack-ass or "America's Home Video"-type videos
  • Plugs for products, advertising either paid for or not
  • click bait about everything imaginable:  how the Victorians photographed corpses, incognito gay politicians, secrets of "Full House," ad infinitum
  • invitations to online games
  • and more inspirational quotes
and much more jumbled things.  

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