Election 2016 - the Kobiyashi Maru or something worse

I continue to be appalled, almost to the point of despair, by this election and the ascendancy of Trump. 

Has anyone every had a more ironically appropriate name?  He has trumped good sense, civility, democracy, Republican ideals, and Christian faith.

This article in CT says it all http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2016/march-web-only/theology-of-donald-trump.html?start=1

During WWII, the Confessing Church had to separate itself from the church that supported Hitler.  I don't equate those two characters (that's out of line), but. . . I do feel that a separation is necessary between "evangelicals" who would succumb to Trumpism and those of us who stand in amazement and horror at the devotion to Trump held by so many so-called Christians and evangelicals we thought we had something in common with.  


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