Saturday, March 12, 2016

On Talking Too Much

Maybe some of us just need to shut up.

This coming from a woman who blogs and has posted all kind of videos and memes mocking Donald Trump.

I just was surprised by a certain preacher of a HUGE church in Atlanta (son of the pastor of another HUGE church in Atlanta) having to walk back some stupid comments from the pulpit.  And by the endorsement of another pastor in TX of above mentioned candidate.  (He should be disciplined by his body or denomination for violating the tax exemption thing and getting them embroiled in politics). 

Think twice, speak -- well, maybe not.  Think three times before blogging, or more.  And so I will end my blogging for a while.  I asked on Facebook for people to explain to me why they were supporting Trump.  No one did.  No one gave me a reason.  Interesting--out of 700 or more people. I have several writing projects but writing something long term seems like a prison. 

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