Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Getting Older

One sign of getting older is when you see someone your age on TV or a movie, you say, "She looks good," or "He looks awful."  Or even worse, "Is she still alive?"'

Case in point (and example of sexism).  When Harrison Ford and Chewy showed up in Star Wars, everyone applauded and cheered.  When Carrie Fisher did, the response was, "Wow.  So that's what she looks like now." 

I am thankful for good health, although it's not perfect.  Something hurts all the time.  Weigh does not go away.  Energy levels are still high but I can't do the long hauls (such as driving) like I used to.  Sigh. 

The worst part of getting older is that so many family members are in eternity.  This will be our first Mother's Day without both our mothers.  I keep thinking I should order flowers but there is no one to order flowers for.

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