Sunday, June 12, 2016

A few thoughts about blogging

Since my last post was about our narcissism as distinct from God's receiving of glorification and praise, I think I should say a few things about this blog.

I've been blogging here for ten years and have 1528 posts.  So it wasn't a fad.  Some days I post five or six times; other times I go for weeks, fasting or looking for something worth writing about.  My two most popular posts are the review on Twelve Angry Men and my posts on Kallman's.  Apparently is someone "googles" (which we all do habitually and I am trying to "yahoo" some) "famous people with Kallman's" they get me, although I didn't know I was famous.  Would rather not be, actually, although I would like to have my novels recognized.

Blogging is an outlet, and I admit that I prefer to give more substantial posts here rather than writing quickies on Twitter and Facebook, where I believe reasoned discourse is impossible due to the brevity.  The medium is, was, and always shall be the message, or greatly influenced by it.   I do admit some of posts are just rants and opinion pieces, but I mainly try to share resources about various topics.

So far, though, I haven't hit the big time, probably because (a) I don't post photos much and (b) I have too many themes.  I appreciate anyone who reads me, though.

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