Sunday, June 05, 2016


I hope no one comes to this site looking for real information about this condition.  Please go to WebMd.  I was diagnosed with this the other day and read the websites.  The nurse midwife who I saw for my appointment this year (my sweet gynecologist has moved to Texas!) says I need a Vitamin D test and to take 500 milligrams of calcium 3 times a day.  I bought some chewable ones that taste like gumdrops; it is hard to believe they are doing any good.

I do not fit the profile, other than white:  I am not Asian, thin, nor have I smoked and drank in my life.  I only had one child, but I don't drink much milk.  It is more likely that the Kallman's and lack of hormones for all these years has contributed to it.

I think osteopenia is a term for "take more calcium so you won't get worse." 

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