Sunday, June 12, 2016

Southern Baptists by a Southern Baptist

This link takes you to an opinion piece by Ed Stetzer, who is leaving Lifeway (interestingly, at the same time one of his associates is, possibly, to become our pastor) for Wheaton College.  I like Ed and read him a lot.

If people are leaving because of externals and not doctrine, that means we can do something about it.
We can stop treating women as less than.

We can turn away from the Republican party as a group (but not individuals if that is one's bent, which for 90% probably will be but we won't be broadbrushed as in their pocket).

We can focus on missions and ministry rather than buildings.  Seriously.

We can have shorter sermons (when did sermons start being 50 minutes long?)

We can stop blowing smoke in worship services (and I mean literally blowing smoke. Good grief, it's not a night club.)

But those who would say, become more accepting of the culture, well, I have to say that needs nuance.  It is only when we are clearly distinct from anti-God cultural norms when we provide hope.

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