Saturday, July 09, 2016

"Are you Serious" department

I got a letter asking for a donation to the Donald Trump campaign.  Ha!

Set my phone on the car last night while doing some yard work.  Forgot about it.  Wonderful thunderstorm came up (I had prayed for rain!).  Remembered it too late.  Doing the Rice Treatment (does that really work?.  Back to pre-smart phone days.  Might be good for me. (postscript, I can use the mac for phone calls--yeah!)

Get to teach the book of Ruth tomorrow.  Doing some serious writing on my book on leadership in Daniel.  Painting my kitchen today.  Had lunch with a friend, an ovarian cancer survivor, yesterday.

In-law of in-law wants to take a trip to NYC with me to see a Broadway play.  We are talking $1200 or more.  Golly.

I am overblessed. 

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