Sunday, July 17, 2016

Listening to God--or NOT

This morning I was assigned to teach I Samuel 3.  I was sort of, "Oh, brother," since this is a story often told to children in Sunday School.

I wanted to lead them in a meditation on listening to God, something sorely needed by me and I think others.  We talk plenty--whining to God, talking about God, etc.--but I'm not sure where we are at listening, since we have such cultural ADD.  I ended the lesson with a reference to Luke 10:30 and following, the story of Mary and Martha.  

Martha is just too busy to listen.  It’s not lack of time.  It’s what she thinks. I don’t know what was going through her head, just that she was troubled.  But I can imagine. These are some of her thoughts, or maybe some of mine.

I don’t need to listen.  I know it already.   

I have more important things to do.  These people need to be fed.   

Who would do it otherwise?  I am indispensable.  

It will be ok with Jesus.  This is who I am.  Mary is the lazy one. I need to tell Jesus to get her working.   

I am the hardworker.  I get things done.  Listening to Jesus is good but this is more important, right?   

I better set Jesus straight on these priorities. 


My imagined mental dialogue for Martha is really just what I think when I believe the world needs my frenetic action more than I need to listen to God.

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