Sunday, July 03, 2016


Our LifeWay lesson for Bible Study today was Samson.  I have to ask why?  and then say I am thankful I get to teach on Ruth next week, the exact opposite.  My colleague taught on Samson today and did well, better than I would have because I would have just said I see no reason to study Samson.  Yet - the book of Hebrews does put him in the hall of faith.  The Book of Judges does give him a lot of space.  So I do't get to call the importance of any part of the Bible.

Samson, however, is a "hot mess."  Along with being a "brat," as my husband says, he simply had no sense of what is holy and did not take anything holy seriously.  And something does not have to be part of a worship service to be holy.  He did not take his marriages as holy, his parents, his actions, his vows, his background.  Everything was subsumed to his immediate desire and pleasure.  He had spiritual ADHD. 

I doubt he is alone.

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