Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The big difference between conservatives and progressives in one sentence

Today I was listening to live broadcasting from the Democratic National Convention on NPR.  The favorablesness (sorry, not a word) of the broadcasters was palpable.  However, one operative was being interviewed and what he said capsulizes it all.

"What makes American great is not a piece of paper but that we are including more and more people."

I almost wrecked the car.

A piece of paper?  The constitution (and 230 some years of case law based on it) is a piece of paper?

Where does this person think the inclusiveness of the country comes from?

Where does he think his right to talk on the radio comes from?

If that is what the Democratic Party thinks about the constitution--it is a piece of a paper--well, that explains a lot.  Perhaps they hold to the constitution when it is convenient.

I also found it ironic that the Democrats keep talking about the next generation and our children.  Their platform is based on trying to keep children from being born in the first place.  They aren't all that kid friendly economically, either.  We are in trillions more debt than we were ten years ago, debt that will be passed on to our children.  

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