Tuesday, July 26, 2016

There is a problem so let's just admit it

This is probably the best argument that racial profiling is real.


Not that I had any doubt.  The statistical information is pretty damning.

So the questions become:

How can police be trained to reserve stop-and-search to times it's legitimate?
How can each race start seeing people of other races as individuals and recognizing they don't all look alike (I mean, come on, people.  Get a good look at somebody and you'll see he/she doesn't  look really like anybody else, unless he/she has an identical twin.)
How can African American young men who get profiled learn to respond appropriately so that it doesn't turn tragic?
How can the police forces start screening out personalities that are going to snap?

I am particularly concerned about the incident with Charles Kinsey in North Miami.  Fortunately, he was not killed, but that hardly makes it much better when he was in the hospital with a gunshot in his leg and he was in the process of dealing with a loud autistic patient when he was attacked by the police.  He complied, was on the ground with hands up, and he still was shot, and when he asked the police officer why, the response was "I don't know."

Now it comes out that the officer wanted to shoot the patient!

If these were one in a million, it would be different, but they are not.

The only thing that bothers me is that the media spends thousands of hours on Michael Brown but nothing, in comparison, on Charles Kinsey.  Why the media would do that is equally as troubling.

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