Sunday, July 03, 2016


To paraphrase, Paul in I Timothy, I say to ladies:  Let no one despise thy womanness. 
I fear a lot of us women spend a lot of time despise our womanness and letting others do so.  We consider ourselves unworthy because of our DNA, our sex, our body parts, what makes us able to bear children.  We buy the lies that we are too emotional to think clearly, that we do not deserve leadership and respect, that men are just better at everything. 
When I say womanness, I don’t mean femininity.   That is a consumerist concept based on how many shoes we have in the closet and if we wear pink.  If we watch “Say Yes to the Dress.”  When Sarah Edwards (Jonathan Edwards’ wife) got married, she wore a green gown.  You, go girl.   Not that I am encouraging masculinity or crudeness  in women, (we have enough of that) only that those are not what makes us women.
Embrace your womanness and understand what it means—and what it doesn’t.  And that’s not a simple question.                        

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