Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Is It Really My Christian Responsibility to Vote?

This is a serious question.

I'd like a serious answer in the comments.

Obviously, there are not Scriptures that say to vote.  There are ones that say pay your taxes, pray for the leaders, and obey the laws of government.  All my life I have heard that it is part of our Christian responsibility to vote, but I've yet to hear a compelling argument for situations when I have no good choices.

Now, I am clearly playing devil's advocate here (wish there was a better term for that). Let's call it the loyal opposition.  I intend to vote and get my little Georgia peach sticker, which I always wear with pride.  The only elections I miss at the Boynton precinct are the ones that sneak up on you, the run-offs for county water commissioner. 

However, I don't think a person should be shamed for not voting.  And a lot of Christian celebrities are doing that.  As I've stated before, I understand the extreme antipathy toward Clinton.  But I also am concerned that some evangelical leaders want to get invited to the White House again for their own ego's sake more than for the love of the kingdom.

So, I will vote for the senator, the congressional representative, the referenda.  And then I'll get to the big kahuna on the ballot. 

I've read article after article about the ethics of this election.  I found Wayne Grudem's to be a rehash of what I already heard and read, and was unconvinced that Trump is a morally good choice.  I would say it is not a morally bad choice, and that's the best I can do.

What bothers me is the number of people who are going to vote for Trump because he's not Hillary but who would not vote for Romney because he is a Mormon.  That boggles my mind.  Romney was probably the most qualified candidate for president we have had in my lifetime. I proudly voted for him because he is a morally good choice, though his theology is a problem. 

In fact, anyone who would vote for Trump now but not Romney in 2012 is a hypocrite and has no critical thinking ability.

Now have I made anyone mad? 

Why hasn't Trump shown his tax returns? 

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