Sunday, August 28, 2016

Observation on a Day for Writing

Never underestimate the power of a good pen.

Some pens just fit in the hand, flow across the page, and allow creativity to flourish better than others.

I am about to start posting a series of reflections on the gospel of Matthew, in order, and all were originally written by hand. Research suggests that typing and handwriting are not equal in terms of
(a) taking notes and remembering/learning them for later tests, and (b) inspiring divergent and convergent thought (These are Czickzentmihalyi's terms for creative and analytic thought.  I like to believe I write better fiction by pen, but considering how unsuccessful I have been as a novelist, that may be a severe misconception.

On that point, I was looking at some acquaintances whose novels have garnered some awards.  Sigh.  Not to whine, (but I will), I have gotten rather little encouragement about my novels; even ones I have given away I don't think were read.  At best, I have broken even in the money category. Even those who tell me they are very good won't put Amazon reviews up!  (Thank you to all who have, though!)  Most of my colleagues rarely recognize that I have written anything. So, do I keep writing?  Even self-publishing?

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