Friday, August 05, 2016

The myth of nontraditional learners in colleges and universities

Hopefully this isn't behind a password, because it's the best thing I've read on higher education practice in a long time.

Today is the last Friday I am off due to our college's "no Friday in summer" policy.  I am glad for it, because it was a rough week. But I was doing some errands and went to the bank.  One of my former students (I have thousands of those) works there and came up while I was dealing with an account issue.  I recognized him and was trying to do my "Oh, let me remember you" game and I had to be reminded of his name, and it was only a year ago.

He is having a hard time getting the classes he needs to fit around his work schedule due to our college's behindness to online courses. I agreed with him.  Online classes are not the panacea for "nontraditionals" (or post-traditionals as the commenters suggest) but they do have advantages.  There are lots and lots of ways colleges can serve these folks better.  A person is only 18-22 for 4 years, but they are adults for 40 or more. 

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