Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Writing Life, revisited

I participated (for 2.5 hours) today in the First Chattanooga Readers and Writers Fair.  I appreciate the city running this.  It was supposed to run til 3, and is still going on as I write this, but I could no longer bear mid-90s in the direct sun.  But I did meet some interesting folks.

I shared a space with a young man and his daughter; he and his wife homeschool their five children, go to a PCA church, and were very pleasant.  They have children's books and were smart enough to have an area for children to color.

Me, I borrow a table from a friend, made a poster, set up my books and sat in a lawn chair.  I chatted up customers and sold one book, but I also directed them to cheaper copies on Amazon, so maybe that will build good will. 

My favorite (not) visitor to my table was an old guy who, when I asked him what he was interested in, said, "Do you have anything smutty?"  Who says "smutty" nowadays.  I also met an older woman who, I think, responded to God recently but had a lot of misconceptions.  I am reminded of the story of the man healed from blindness who first saw men as trees walking.  Even conversion can't get our worldview straight instantaneously; it might take years, which is the whole point of growth.

I saw some writer friends and colleagues.  I got some business cards related to my real job.  I saw the mayor of Chattanooga (there is just something about politicians in a crowd). 

So, despite selling just one book, it wasn't a waste and I'm glad I went, but I'm exhausted now from the heat.  I do these things about once a year.  Writing requires a huge chunk of time marketing, which I just can't do.  I do hope I get "discovered" sometime. 

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