Sunday, September 04, 2016

Fresh Studies in Matthew, Matthew 1 continued

The Bible consistently places amazing and miraculous elements into the ordinary.  But maybe we have it backward.  The ordinary is pretty miraculous and amazing, too.  We might be the ones who separate them into distinct categories when there is no such thing as a strict separation between ordinary and miraculous. There are two “miracles” here—the virgin conception (In Luke we get Mary’s version and she is of course more scared about it) and a revelatory dream. 
The human elements:  shame, divorce, bodies, sexuality, poverty, culture, pregnancy, birth, marriage, and consummation.  Is the spiritual the backdrop of the human? No, the human took place because of God’s plans and the spiritual was fulfilled in the human and physical, which are good if the tools God uses.

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Attention, Ego, Spirituality, and Drugs

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