Sunday, September 04, 2016

Fresh Studies in Matthew, Matthew 2 continued

Matthew 2:3 verse says “all Jerusalem with him” in regard to Herod’s knowledge of the birth of Messiah.  This leads me to wonder if Jesus’ appearance and ministry were not as obscure as we assume it was.  My notes say there was expectation of a Messiah at that time.  If all Jerusalem was aware that the Magi were reporting the birthd of a Messiah, (a) were they were ok with the infanticide? And (b) why were they troubled instead of glad, unless they were troubled by Jerod’s being troubled.
“Divinely warned in a dream” seems to have been a shared dream.
Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt, which seems to symbolize a secular but prepared place of refuge when there is persecution or exile at “home.” We are called out of it to go home but it is not a bad place, not always.  It has its value in preserving and protecting, even if it is not home. 
The end of Matthew 2 makes it sound as if Nazareth was a new town for Joseph, but Luke 2 says that’s where they were from. 
Tradition tends to rule our perceptions of these first two chapters—the tradition of the medieval church, of Renaissance art, of Hallmark channel. 

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