Monday, September 19, 2016

Fresh Studies in Matthew - Matthew 4:1-11, Part 2.

A haunting question for Matthew 4:1-10 is whether these temptations are specific to Jesus or do they apply to us, too?  Well, yes and no.  Satan prefaces the first two with the phrase “If you are the Son of God” and hen asks for a magic trick, transforming rocks of loaves of bread and surviving a fall from the high point of the temple.  Jesus’ answer is particular to us, though:  we truly need more than bread and we don’t test God with stupid stunts to see if He will protect us. 
Perhaps frustrated, Satan’s third appeal is “I’ll give you all the world’s kingdoms if you will bow down and worship me.  Were they Satan’s to give and would he deliver on his promise?  Of course not, and that is the point.  He is the liar and father of it.  The kingdoms are the world are God’s, no matter how much they appear to be under Satan’s control.  It is that third temptation that applies most to us, false promises, deals Satan tries to make with us without warrant.

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