Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fresh Studies in Matthew, Matthew 4:18-22

One has to wonder about Matthew 4:18-22.  Jesus makes claims on these fishermen above their father and their father’s profession, the family livelihood.  In other passages, though, it appears they still were doing this kind of work.  Whether this calling is normative is the question.  Perhaps this was for a season to learn.  Perhaps it was an issue of priority. They did they leave their nets?  Wy was Jesus’ pull stronger than family and a job?  We know Peter was married.  This is not the first time they had seen him or heard of him.  But they went.
Perhaps the point is that when we follow Christ our work is transformed into something more externally significant.  I don’t think this can be taken that physical labor is to be denied, since Jesus did physical labor with his fathers and brothers (we have to assume that a healthy Jewish male would be working).  Jesus didn’t just float around on a cloud for the first thirty years.

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